Nitecore Battery 18650 USB Rechargeable

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Internal Safety Features

Pressure relief valve protection Activates in the event of a rapid temperature increase

Microporous barrier protects delicate internal components

Integrated smart charging circuitry in the anode Protects against overcharge, over discharge and short circuit

Built-in PTC inhibiting high current surges

Integrated High Performance Protected Circuit

Automatically protects against overcharge, over discharge and short-circuit

Utilizes a high quality battery protection IC

Utilizes high power MOS FETs in the current regulation module for better efficiency and superior output

External Safety Features

Equipped with gold-plated stainless protectors ensuring high impact resistance, good electrical conductivity and oxidation resistance

Fully covered by durable metallic wrapper to guard against abrasion

Low Cost and Environmentally Friendly

A NL1826R battery can be recharged over 500 times, the equivalent of 500 pairs of CR123 batteries.

Battery Capacity (mAh) 2600
Battery Chemistry No
Accessory to Fit Nitecore Flashlight
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