blackbox™ 64Gb w/GPS - SPARTAC Australia
blackbox™ 64Gb w/GPS - SPARTAC Australia
blackbox™ 64Gb w/GPS - SPARTAC Australia
blackbox™ 64Gb w/GPS - SPARTAC Australia
blackbox™ 64Gb w/GPS - SPARTAC Australia
blackbox™ 64Gb w/GPS - SPARTAC Australia
blackbox™ 64Gb w/GPS - SPARTAC Australia
blackbox™ 64Gb w/GPS - SPARTAC Australia
blackbox™ 64Gb w/GPS - SPARTAC Australia
blackbox™ 64Gb w/GPS - SPARTAC Australia
blackbox™ 64Gb w/GPS - SPARTAC Australia
blackbox™ 64Gb w/GPS - SPARTAC Australia
blackbox™ 64Gb w/GPS - SPARTAC Australia
blackbox™ 64Gb w/GPS - SPARTAC Australia
blackbox™ 64Gb w/GPS - SPARTAC Australia
blackbox™ 64Gb w/GPS - SPARTAC Australia
blackbox™ 64Gb w/GPS - SPARTAC Australia
blackbox™ 64Gb w/GPS - SPARTAC Australia
blackbox™ 64Gb w/GPS - SPARTAC Australia
blackbox™ 64Gb w/GPS - SPARTAC Australia
blackbox™ 64Gb w/GPS - SPARTAC Australia
blackbox™ 64Gb w/GPS - SPARTAC Australia
blackbox™ 64Gb w/GPS - SPARTAC Australia
blackbox™ 64Gb w/GPS - SPARTAC Australia
blackbox™ 64Gb w/GPS - SPARTAC Australia
blackbox™ 64Gb w/GPS - SPARTAC Australia
blackbox™ 64Gb w/GPS - SPARTAC Australia

blackbox™ 64Gb w/GPS

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Big features. Small frame. Best value.

Arm yourself with the pinnacle of body-worn camera technology that you can count on!


Made by experienced professionals

Designed and constructed by people who know what's needed in a body-worn camera - over 20 years of frontline experience doesn't lie!

Built tough

Designed and built with the harshest conditions of law enforcement in mind, blackbox™ has a mil-spec IP66 water/dust proof rating and is suitable for rugged use with a 2m drop-test rating.

Easy to use

Simple yet powerful functions making it a breeze to use in the most difficult circumstances.

Built in WiFi

WiFi function allows for on-the-go connectivity so you can review footage and change settings as needed.

Works overtime

Built to work for your entire shift and then some with 12+ hours continuous recording.

Capture everything

140 degree wide-angle 6G lens with up to 1296P Full HD vision.


Weighing in at a mere 130 grams, you can wear it anywhere.


Internal solid storage with password encryption making it one of the most secure body-worn cameras available.


Time and date stamp. Device ID and User ID. Features making evidence tamper-proof!


Pre-record and Post-record Buffer

20 second pre-record buffer which you can switch on and off on the go giving you ultimate battery control. blackbox also features the ability to set post-record to 20s-1min.

Night Vision

Automatic night vision up to 8 meters - you won't miss anything!

Battery Indicator

Additional safety feature so you don't run out of battery at the worst moments.


When an aeroplane has a significant incident, one of the first things investigators look for after the rescue mission is the black box. It holds vital unedited evidence to what happened before, during and after the incident (in some cases). 

Spartac's own blackbox™ is based on this concept. We put together all of our law enforcement experience and knowledge to bring you the ultimate evidence gathering body cam that will give you the power to have the truth at your fingertips whilst significantly reducing complaints and false accusations.

It's no secret that we have evolved into a society that films incidents at will and there is little legislation can do to stop it from happening. What we often see submitted to the media is a heavily edited, sensationalized version of what actually happened. We know this happens, but we have no tools to counteract these edited videos. In essence, there is no truth to what happened besides our say-so and more often than not, what we say holds little merit in the eyes of the public.

How about complaints? How often have you been in an interview about a false complaint and had to prove yourself innocent rather than being proved at fault?

blackbox™ will eliminate all of these issues and introduces a new era in policing with an all-in-one, easy-to-use heavy-duty secure body cam.

blackbox™ is driven by NTK. NTK Tech are world leaders in just about every electronic component. The chipset is state-of-the-art and built to last.

The NTK chipset is capable of recording videos up to 1296P Full HD and taking photographs up to 32 megapixels. It has two 850nm Infrared LEDs with 120 degree wide viewing angle when in very low lighting situations.

The battery has incredible recording times from around 5hrs continuous for 1296P to in excess of 18hrs for the lowest setting. When we use our test model, we were more than satisfied with our 12+ hours of continuous recording at 720P (Wifi off, IR off).

In reality though, you will not record your entire shift. You only want to record your interactions with the public, not your private conversations or downtime making 8hrs at 1080P more than sufficient for a 10hr shift.

We know you carry a lot of kit. So we made blackbox™ as small and compact as possible weighing in at 130grams and sizing up at 80mm x 56mm x 25mm.

A crucial aspect of blackbox™ is its patented design allowing for easy, single button record with 20sec pre-record function which can be enabled. There is also a post-record function which allows you to choose between 20s to a full minute. The main record button is made big enough to be used in high stress situations or when dexterity isn't there (like when you wear gloves). When the record button is pushed you get a noticeable vibration and sound from blackbox™ and the LED recording lights will turn red allowing both you and the public know that the encounter is being recorded.

Double tap the record button and you will get a two vibration, two audio beep sounds letting you know recording has stopped and blackbox™ is on standby.

Of course, we know that there are times where you need to have no lights and sounds so blackbox™ has a function where you can turn all lights, IRs and sounds off. We call this - stealth mode and it's able to do it at a press of a button. We left the vibration because it's vital to know somehow whether you are recording or not. After all, you definitely don't want to get in a mess and find out blackbox™ wasn't recording!

Added to these robust features, blackbox™ has the ability to take 32 megapixel photographs - even when you're recording!

Battery indicator LEDs on the side of blackbox™ will let you know your battery level on the go. blackbox™ will not leave you stranded. It'll be with you every time you need it throughout your shift. 

A heavy-duty 360 degree rotating claw clip will secure blackbox™ to any vest or uniform garment that you wear. 

An added security feature to blackbox™ is a detailed log of everything that happens with blackbox™. From switching blackbox™ on and off to when pre recordings occur - everything is logged. This security feature coupled with blackbox™ ID, user ID, date and time stamp watermarks gives you the ultimate proof beyond any doubt that what you captured was the whole unedited truth for any situation you're in. 

In order to access the blackbox™ log, settings or its content, a password is required. This gives you excellent security for confidentiality. 

But blackbox™ doesn't stop there!

blackbox™ has an IP66 water/dustproof rating and is drop tested to 2m. It also has no screen. No screen means no ability to access the content unless you're an authorised person to do so. It also means less buttons - a lot less! Less buttons means blackbox™ is easy to use for any responder in the field.

blackbox™ also has a handy app that allows you to evaluate your evidence on the go and/or change its settings. This is one of the most powerful controls you can have with blackbox™ as it allows your to actually review your evidence without the need to get back to your computer!

blackbox™ is the future of the way you deal with the public. It will improve your tactical communication, increase professional presence, create increased positive public perception but more importantly it is the most powerful tool to the truth of any situation. 

A Digital Evidence Management System is also available however in most cases we recommend storing footage on an external drive and securing the drive.

Arm yourself with the ultimate in bodycam technology! 

Note: Pictures are of our prototype and test model. Some LED lights may be different colours to that pictured.

Additional extras coming soon;

Extra mounting options

Complete DEMS solution with docking stations

Additional camera add-on

Additionally: blackbox™ is made for the Windows operating system. Cross-over applications or virtual machines will be required for it to work on Mac computers or other systems.

Furthermore, It is incumbent on you to familiarise yourself with your agency/company policy and relative State/Federal legislation in relation to the use of this product. 

What you receive;

- blackbox Body Worn Camera

- Charging Dock and USB cable

- Crocodile Clip

- USB (in the shape of a key) with Cam Manager, User Manual and Flash File


Sign up to our mail list and you will receive updates to our firmware and Cam Manager FREE for the life of your blackbox (applies to this model only).


Chipset NTK 96658 
Camera Lens 6G
Sensor 4MP COS
WiFi Yes

Video Resolution

Continuous Recording Time

2304x1296P(30 FPS) (8+hrs continuous recording)

1920x1080P(30 FPS) (10+hrs continous recording)

1280x720P(30 FPS) (15+hrs continuous recording)

848×480P(30 FPS) (20+hrs continuous recording) 

Video Format H.264 .MP4
Recording Angle Wide angle 140 degrees
Audio Highly sensitive built-in microphone.
Audio Format .WAV
Water Mark blackbox™ bodycam ID, User ID, Time and date stamp embedded into video and internal log tracking all camera functions.
Record LED Indicator Front button with LED indicator, top indicator
Video Duration 5 mins, 10 mins, 15 mins intervals with pre record.
Activation prompt Vibration, speaker and LED indicators
Camera 32M, 21M, 16M, 12M, 10M, 8M, 5M, 3M
Camera Format JPEG
Snap Shot Take photos whilst recording

Built-in 3000mAH Lithium- (Li2CO3)

(-20C° ~ 45C°)

Charging Time 180 minutes
Battery Indicator Blue LED indicators with 4 Levels (0~25%~50%~75%~100%)
Storage Capacity 64Gb internal storage 
IR Light 2 x 850nm Infrared LED with 120 degree wide angle infrared vision
IR Control Automatic (off in stealth mode)
Night Vision Up to 8 Meters with Visible Face Detection
Waterproof/Dustproof IP66
Drop Test 2m drop tested
Clip Heavy-duty metal/hard plastic claw clip with 360° rotation
Password Protection Requires password to access blackbox™'s settings, video, audio and blackbox™ log.
Stealth Mode Turns off all lights, sounds and IR 
Dimensions 80 mm * 56 mm * 25mm (2.91” * 1.83” *0.93”)
Weight 130 grams
Working Temperature  -20C° ~ 45C°
Storage Temperature  -25C° ~ 50C°
Standard Accessories USB cable, Charger, Driver USB with Cam Manager, Single Dock, Crocodile Clip
Country of Manufacture China
Developed and tested in Australia
Warranty 12 month conditional warranty*


 To download Cam Manager CLICK HERE

 Important: Once you download the .zip file, please extract the Cam Manager to either another file or your desktop prior to running. The icon should be a little black wheel.


Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews Write a review