About Us

Spartac Australia™ is based in Western Australia and run by serving law enforcement professionals with over 20 years of combined experience.

With the aim of being an all-in-one shop for emergency services, we offer a broad range of service-specific, practical and durable apparel, tactical gear and merchandise at very competitive prices and the best possible quality.

Part of every sale is set aside for a monthly donation to an emergency services related charity.

These donations are our contribution to the never ending battle against mental health issues in our fields as well as assisting in raising awareness about mental health issues and stopping the culture of silence about mental health in emergency services.

Spartac is not just a retail store. 

Spartac is a brand, a community and most importantly - a family! 

The future of Spartac is exciting and we have many projects in the pipeline which we can't wait to release in due course.







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