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Recently, the Chief of Defense banned all "death symbols" from being displayed on any defense premise. The timing coincided (coincidentally) with the release of our much anticipated Spartac ADF Patch. To say we were a bit pissed is an understatement but never-the-less we are all about overcoming whatever is thrown at us. So, in response to the Chief's snap, we are currently producing two patches just for him. PC Pony - because it's clear that the new direction of the ADF is death by snowflake!    Love by Death just because we are a sarcastic bunch. Love the Styer addition...

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In late April 2018, we conducted a review of the way we do business. We found many key areas within our business model which we wanted to improve. The key areas we wanted to improve were; Back Orders Shipping times Back orders are sometimes unavoidable. Many factors may cause back orders from human error, supplier stock, freight times and even natural causes like weather delaying shipping. Our goal is to set back orders to as close to zero as possible. This means that if we are unable to stock it or have it shipped out to you within a reasonable amount...

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It goes without saying that hard work pays off. At Spartac we have literally worked our butts off to try and bring to you top quality products at the best possible prices. Whilst most of the work has come at our own personal expense, we wouldn't have it any other way. We love what we do and what we are able to get Spartac to achieve in it's short existance.  It goes without saying that we were pleasantly surprised when we were approached by AWE and invited to exhibit at the expo this year. What is AWE? The Australian Warrior Expo (AWE) is...

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